VCI2000 Products

Powder Pack

Anti Corrosion Emitter

Each VCI 2000 powder pack contains a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) powder which protects both ferrous and nonferrous metals against corrosion, oxidation, tarnish and discoloration.
Provides an extremely efficient method for the dry preservation of metal parts within an enclosed space such as carton boxes, wood, metal and plastic boxes, or polyethylene bags.



  • Dry protection – no need to use protective liquids.
  • No need for sealing or vacuum-packing.
  • The product is protected even if the packaging is not perfectly sealed.
  • Does not change metal surface properties.
  • Do not open the powder pack. Simply place the pouch into the container with the metal parts and close the container.
  • Up to 24 months of protection.
  • Safe and eco-friendly.


Breathable textile + VCI powder

POWDERPACK #3 ≤ 0,085m³ – UR 50%
≤ 0,045m³ – UR 70%
≤ 0,030m³ – UR 100%
POWDERPACK #15 ≤ 0,45m³ – UR 50%
≤ 0,22m³ – UR 70%
≤ 0,15m³ – UR 100%
POWDERPACK #50 ≤ 1,15m³ – UR 50%
≤ 0,86m³ – UR 70%
≤ 0,57m³ – UR 100%
STORAGE < 122°F – ( 50°C )
24 months in original


The above parameters should be considered approximate as they are based on tests carried out with completely sealed and waterproof external casing.

Therefore, for effective protection from corrosion, it is strongly recommended to re-evaluate the above parameters and increase the quantity of the powder pack units if the external casing DOES NOT MEET these specifications.


  • PowderPack #3: 250pcs/box
  • PowderPack #15: 100pcs/box
  • PowderPack #50: 100pcs/box