About Grofit Plastics


Grofit Plastics produces protective packaging for a variety of applications in the industrial sector.

Grofit is best known worldwide for its superior VCI2000 product line, which protects numerous products from rust and corrosion.

Among Grofit’s customers are the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Israeli Aerospace Industry (IAI), Elbit, Clalit, Israel’s major healthcare provider, and many other industry leaders.

Among Grofit ‘s daughter companies and partners are G.P.C.P from the USA,  Log-in Europe from Italy,  Pacard Protect from Romania, and Pontus Pack Private from India.

Grofit Plastics is located in the southern part of Israel, in proximity to the Eilat airport on the Red Sea.




Grofit Plastics™ is a leading global producer of unique packaging solutions, specializing in developing and producing zippers and active packaging products known for preventing corrosion.

We are committed to:
Our customers – meeting challenges and providing creative, competitive solutions based on advanced technologies, quality and reliability.

The company owners – generating high profitability and a meaningful contribution to the community.

Our employees – fair and equitable wages, economic stability, decent working conditions, good human relations, employee advancement and training.

The company’s core values – a focus on the customer, demonstrating initiative, excellence, innovation and creativity, personal commitment, quality and service, and good human relations.


Quality Policy

  1. Grofit Plastics™ is committed to ensuring and delivering the applicability requirements of its customers
  2. Grofit provides the resources and conditions for on-going improvement of quality management.
  3. Grofit considers quality the main core foundation of its management policy.
  4. Grofit is committed to strict international standards.
  5. Grofit trains its employees to implement the company’s quality policy.
  6. Grofit strives to cooperate with suppliers in all quality-certified procedures.
  7. Grofit approves measurable quality objectives at least once a year.
  8. Grofit’s quality manager reports directly to the general manager.
  9. Grofit considers environmental quality a key component of its policy and vision.
  10. Grofit is committed to its employees’ safety and well-being and to the community as a whole.


Ilan Toledano

General Manager

Phone: 972-8-6355609

Mobile: 972-58-5640007


Ronen Levi

Quality Manager

Phone: 972-8-6355604



Anat Itsik

Sales Coordinator

Phone: 972-8-6357720



Yair Maooda

Sales and Marketing Manager

Phone: 972-8-6357720
Mobile: 972-54-5640018


Joan Neiberg

Office and Export Manager

Phone: 972-8-6355607

Mobile: 972-54-5640037


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