Antistatic Packaging

Antistatic Packaging


Antistatic packaging meets type 2 requirements under MIL-PRF-81705-E regulations.

Antistatic packaging is used to protect electronic components and materials that are vulnerable to damage caused by exposure to static electricity.  The anti-static packaging prevents the creation of static charge and thus prevents the damage caused by an electric discharge.

Types of anti-static packaging include bags, zipper bags, sacks, coverings, sleeves, and film sheets.




Antistatic Packaging


For protection of electronic components sensitive to static electricity


Catalog Number Width  Length Thickness
Quantity in Package
ASTZ00001 80 X 120 X 0.1 1,000
ASTZ00002 100 x 150 X 0.1 1,000
ASTZ00003 150 X 200 X 0.1 1,000
ASTZ00004 200 X 250 X 0.1 1,000
ASTZ00005 230 X 300 X 0.1 1,000
ASTZ00006 300 X 400 X 0.1 500