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The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Tests – Bio Fresh

The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) Tests – Bio Fresh


The Technion Institute for Research and Development


July 25, 2002

Packaging Laboratory

Grofit Plastics

M.P. Eilot 88825

Fax: 086357723


Dear Sir,


RE:  Bio Fresh Film designed for coming into contact with food, manufactured by “Grofit” – Testing in accordance with FDA regulations


Description of the Samples:  Bio fresh film manufactured by “Grofit”.  The samples were selected and brought to the packaging laboratory by the client.


Objective of the Tests:  To see if the plastic films are suitable for coming into contact with food and comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, FDA 21.


Methodology of the Testing:

The tests were conducted in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations 21 and 177.1520:  Olefin Polymers.

The following tests were conducted:

  1. The maximum extractable fraction:  a sample that had previously been weighed was heated to a temperature of 50ºC, cooled and the filtrate dissipated.  The remains were weighed and calculated as the measure of the segment that can be utilized by dissolving.
  2. The maximum dissolvable fraction: the polymer was completely dissolved at a temperature of 120ºC.  The solution was left to cool without stirring and as a result, the non-dissolvable part sank and was filtered out.  The total of the solid content was set as the measure of the dissolved segment.



The results relate solely to the tested samples.

The results reported are the average of at least repetitions of each test.


The maximum extractable fraction* heated to 50ºC:

      Tested: 1.8

      Permissible:  5.5


The maximum dissolvable fraction*

      Tested: 3.5

Permissible: 11.3


*expressed as a percentage of the polymer weight



Based on the above test results, the bio fresh plastic film “can be safely used as an item or as a component of item intended to come into contact with food, except for items used for packaging and/or containing food while cooking”.



Nechama Pas

Prof. A. Miltz

Packaging Engineer

Laboratory Director

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