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Test Results – Broccoli Experiment – Bio Fresh

Results of the practical experiment in packaging iceless broccoli


A leading American grower tested packaged iceless broccoli for:

1.  Poly liners in cartons.

2.  Bio Fresh liners in cartons.

The iceless broccoli was stored for 30 days in a modified atmosphere.


The poly bag after 30 days                                                                      The bio fresh bag after 30 days

polli after 30 days brocolli test                 biofresh after 30 days brocolli test

Freshness:  Inferior quality                                                                         Freshness:  Excellent quality

Color:  Inferior quality                                                                                   Color:  Excellent quality

Taste:  non-edible                                                                                          Taste:  Very tasty

Unworthy of marketing                                                                                  Ready for marketing

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