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Anti Fog Packaging – General Information

The use of anti fog packaging for packing fresh vegetables prevents fog from accumulating inside the bag.  Changes in temperature and the fluids emitted from the vegetables cause water vapors to accumulate inside the bag, which block the transparency of the bag and prevent total visibility of the packaged product.  Water vapors inside the bag that come into contact with the packaged vegetables lead to the formation of algae, decay and a shorter shelf life for the fresh produce.  Grofit Plastics, with vast experience in packaging fresh vegetables, has closely observed and has become most aware of the developing market.  Great efforts have been invested in pinpointing the precise packaging material to resolve the problem of fogging inside the bag.  The recommended solution is a polypropylene film, with an anti fogging additive that prevents the accumulation of fog.   The material has been certified for storing food products and its use is accompanied by a six-month warranty.  The bags remain completely clear and transparent, with the option of high quality printing (graphics).



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