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VCI Powder

VCI Powder

Description of the Product:

VCI powders are vapor corrosion inhibitor powders for protection against corrosion of metals in recessed areas and interior cavities.


The powder does not contain silicones, nitrates or heavy metals, with protection of up to 1.0 cubic foot (28 liters) per 0.3 ounces (8.4 grams) of powder (300 g/cubic meters), offering up to 24 months of continuous protection.  The powder provides a mono-molecular inhibiting layer.  VCI powders offer a very efficient, dry method for protecting metals within an enclosed space.  The VCI vaporizes and then accumulates on all of the metal surfaces, reaching every part of the metal surface, including recessed areas and interior cavities.



The inhibiting action of the vapors protects recessed surfaces that are inaccessible and the protected products can be shipped to customers without removing the powder.  There is no need to renew the treatment and it is effective for up to 24 months.  If the VCI layer is affected by moisture or by opening the enclosed space, the layer renews itself by the continuous vapor protection.  The surface areas require little if any preparation.  The powder also prevents corrosion of pre-coated and painted surfaces.

 Easy to Use:

There is no need to remove the VCI layer prior to processing or use.  It is easily removed by an air gun or with water when applied as a powder.  The VCI layer does not interfere with the operation of mechanical components.


VCI powders are used for dry protection of internal cavities that can be covered or closed after applying the powder.  They are used for tubular structures, pipes and vessels, the internal surfaces of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers, as well as the dry storage of close circuit cooling systems.  The powders provide protection for equipment after hydrostatic testing, parts, components and completely assembled units during shipping and storage.

Method of Application:

Apply the powder by dusting, fogging or sprinkling.  After application, simply cover, close or seal the internal cavity.  Fogging is easily achieved with a low pressure air hose and a sandblast cup.  A large sandblast system can also be used.  When applying powder under average environmental conditions, use 0.3 ounces (8.4 grams) of VCI powder per one cubic foot (28 liters) of enclosed space (300 grams / cubic meter).  The dosage can be increased for more severe conditions.

 Removing the Powder:

The VCI powder can be easily removed by an air gun or rinsed with water.

 Protected Metals:

Carbon steel, Stainless Steel

 Exposure Limitations:

For use in interior cavities that are to be covered, closed or sealed after use, the product can be stored either indoors or outdoors.


Typical Characteristics:


Form ------------------powder

Appearance-----------White powder

Special labeling-------None

Water soluble---------100%




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