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VCI Emitters – Green Canisters

Description of the Product:

VCI 2000 emitters are designed to prevent corrosion on metals inside and cabinets and enclosed areas that also require ESD properties. The protective vapors begin to work immediately upon installation and last for up to 2 years.  Use as many as you need, depending on the size of the cabinet, crate or box.


Protection against Corrosion:

The emitter protects up to 8 cubic feet (230 liters) for up to 24 months.  It is effective on steel, copper, zinc and multi-metal components.



Electronic equipment, telecommunication equipment, control panels, marine equipment, containers, shipping crates, military equipment and more.


Typical Characteristics:

Dimensions:  20 x 60 mm

Color:  Green

Surface Resistance --------- <1012 Ohm/squared ASTM D 257

Static Decay Rate ---------- 0.7 seconds 5000-0 volts EIA 541

Triboelectric Charge ------- 0.12 sq. inch EIA 541

Storage:  Do not store above 55°C (130° F)



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