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What is VCI?


VCI 2000 Anti Corrosion Packaging
What is VCI?864_1c9278bf0c112eba4b37cc8dafbcb60c
VCI can be defined as a material that prevents or delays rust accumulation. It is a combination of organic materials that offers the unique quality of preventing the formation of rust and corrosion at the gaseous stage.   The mixture can be added to a large variety of materials, such as plastic, paper, sponge, powder and more . . . turning these packaging materials into anti corrosion packing.
In order to understand how the technology protects against rust, we must first understand the basics of the development of corrosion. Corrosion appears on metal only in the presence of oxygen and moisture. Neutralizing either one of these elements will prevent the development of corrosion. As a rule, the greater the amount of energy required to produce the steel, the greater the sensitivity of the metal to corrosion. For example, carbonized steel or poured irons that require large amounts of energy in production are very prone to corrosion.
Protection with VCI
Protection against corrosion by means of VCI can be implemented only in a closed space. In other words, the metal part must be packaged in a closed space, in the presence of VCI. The electric activity on the metal serves as a type of magnet that attracts the VCI molecules onto the metal service and after a certain period of time, these molecules form a layer of coating (an invisible one) along the entire surface of the metal within the packaging. This layer serves as a divider between the metal and the elements that cause corrosion to development and as such, delay and prevent the production of corrosion. The better the sealing of the packaging, the longer the protection will last.
Description of the Products
Sacks for protecting pallets or containers
Bags with or without sealing
Film for wrapping
The Protected Metals
Carbon Steel, Anti-rust Steel, Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Galvanized Steel
Length of Protection
36 months, solely under internal conditions
* For more information about VCI in other languages – visit the site www.vci2000.net
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