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Our Vision


Grofit Plastics is one of the leading companies in Israel and around the world supplying unique and innovative packaging solutions. The company excels in the development and manufacture of Active Packs and Anti Corrosion Packaging.
We are committed:
To our customers - meeting challenges and offering creative and competitive solutions based on advanced technologies at uncompromising levels of quality and reliability.
To the company owners – ensuring maximum profit and contributing to the community.
To our employees – serving as a source of income, welfare and economic security while maintaining fair working conditions, good human relations, promotion opportunities and professional training.
The company’s fundamental values: Focusing on the client, integrity, excellence, innovation and creativity, personal responsibility, uncompromising quality and service, good human relations.
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Grofit Plastics, M.P. Eilot, Postal code: 88825 Phone: Tel:08-6357712, Fax:08-6357723      info@grofitplastics.com

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